亚当·胡德克 Adam Hudec

《集尘室星座》 互动艺术 可生物降解的薄膜和纳米织物 2.3×2.3m 第3版 2020
Dusts Chamber Constellation, interactive art, Biodegradable Film and Nanofabric, 2.3×2.3m, Edition 3rd, 2020

It is the airborne dusts that is known to function as a carrier for many chemical and biological contaminants including Corona virus that can float in the air for hours, days or even weeks.

《七种尘粒的星座》 新媒体 真实的的空气悬浮尘埃,重音纸,木框 39x49cm 第二版 2020
Constellation of 7 Dusts’ Grains, New Media, Real airborne dusts on baryta paper in wooden frame, 39x49cm, Edition 2nd, 2020

《尘埃呼吸》 新媒体 圣斯蒂芬教堂的小型石膏模型,真实的尘埃 75x75cm 第二版 2019
Dusts You Breath, New media, Small scale plaster model of Stephansdom with real dusts, 75x75cm, Edition 2nd, 2019


Current pandemic revealed that areas with high air pollution levels help with the fast spreading of the Corona Virus. However, we do not perceive 18 kilograms of airborne dusts that every human inhales on average in a lifetime. It is the human activity that turned the atmosphere into a substance of invisible toxic substances; nowadays we may die by everyday acts of breathing. Dusts Chambers exceed our perception of invisible dusts that is naked to the human eye, by rendering an (air)condition otherwise readable by sensors only. Dusts Chambers act almost as a human sixth sense: to perceive, to feel, to see and to observe the human-made dynamic forces shaping the environment.

《18公斤的尘埃》 观念艺术 真实的尘埃 1500x45cm 第三版 2020
18 kilogram of Dusts, Conceptual art, Real dusts, 1500x45cm, Edition 3rd, 2020

《横截面分析》 观念艺术 重音纸上喷墨打印 圣斯蒂芬教堂立面尘埃的微观分析 1200x45cm 第一版
Crossectional analysis, Conceptual art, Ink print on baryta paper, Microscopic analysis of aggregated dusts on facade of Stephandsom, 1200x45cm, Edition 1st

Cross-disciplinary by nature, art can provide tools, symbols and instruments to navigate our attention towards concepts and contexts that re-calibrate our common knowledge about the environment. Thus, physical perception has the potential to act as a catalyst in our rediscovery of the interrelationship between dusts and culture, our political choices, the environment, our individual decisions and our bodies. The Dusts Chambers project attempts to navigate our attention to these phenomena through the visual, tactile and olfactory sensations. Dusts Chambers are time-accelerating machines which foresee our futures through dusts. They are interactive instruments which highlight the relationship between the human and non-human world. Exteriorised, uncontrolled and invisible processes of motion, transformation and contact, take place within the devices and are rendered perceptible by the naked eye. These chambers combine, separate, contain, release and act as filter entities for the dust could become the only collective trace we leave on Earth.

《捕尘器》 在可降解重音纸上进行激光切割 25x19cm 可折叠 互动艺术 第二版 2019
Dusts Catcher, Lasercut on baryta biodegradable paper, 25x19cm, foldable, interactive art, Edition 2nd, 2019

Adam Hudec is a researcher/artist/architect, focusing his multidisciplinary research on physical territory, often deconstructed by set of data to reveal the unexpected and hidden anomalies. His transdisciplinary working methods are the focus of his practice; guided by scientific knowledge which informs artistic representation about processes that engage and interact with the audience. Gradually expanding research encounters current pandemic as an environmental phenomena which got noticed by the public and shifted our attention towards the toxicity of air we breathe. He uses a variety of expressions to represent the research outcomes including drawing, photography, animation, installation and performance. Adam’s education in art and architecture encompasses studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, The University of Hong Kong, The University of Brighton and Brno University of Technology. Adam’s projects were shown on various international exhibition venues including Bi-City Biennale in Shenzhen and Design Biennale BIO 26 in Ljubjana.