A.M. Benz

In the future, humans will be one with technology. The universal language will be that of technology. We will be describing our human actions using technology words and terms. The submitted piece is a commentary on technology and the rapid human assimilation into becoming one with our technology.

《数据处理》 综合媒介 釉,24K金釉,双色玻璃,线,颜料 82.25×33.66×5.72cm 2020
Data Processing, mixed Media, smalti, 24k gold smalti, dichroic glass, wire, paint, 82.25×33.66×5.72cm, 2020

We’re less and less able to function without our technology and have grown to need a constant influx of information, so much so that many cannot even walk somewhere without being plugged in. As we become inseparable from our tech and our daily lives, reactions and emotions are controlled by how we respond to the devices in front of us, we blur the lines between human and not. While we continue to relinquish control to technology and allow it to become parasitically intertwined with our lives, it will become the dominate group, its language the most prevalent.

《数据视觉化》 综合媒介 釉,24K金釉,双色玻璃,线,颜料 33.66×62.23×5.71cm 2020
Data Visualization, mixed Media, smalti, 24k gold smalti, dichroic glass, wire, paint, 33.66×62.23×5.71cm, 2020

A.M. Benz,一位来自加拿大渥太华的新锐艺术家,从事综合媒介艺术的创作,作品曾在加拿大、美国等多地展出。
A.M. Benz is an emerging artist from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) working in mixed media with showings in multiple juried art exhibitions in Canada and the United States.
She is serious about seeking out the liminal boundaries of multidimensional surfaces, textures and light. She primarily works with various types of glass, paper, and wire, exploring the play of light while using a limited color palette.