Crane Zhu

体验/经验很重要。经验的传承和传承促进了文明的发展。身体体验将感觉转化为记忆或知识。然后经验会改变我们的看法和我们的生活方式。在《接近》中,通过使用 3 米长延长杆, 360 度相机和 Touch Designer 程序,旨在向观众展现我关于树的体验。凭借延长杆的高度,我能够将相机送入树枝。通过将整个 360 视频折叠到空间中,我们可以看到整个 360 视图。很显然这已经超越了我们的视野范围。我试图以这种方式给观众身临其境的体验。

Experience is significant. The inheritance and transmission of experience have promoted the development of civilization. Physical experience transforms feelings into memories or knowledge. Then experience will change our perceptions and our way of life. In Approaching, by using a 360-degree camera with 3 meters long tripod, and Touch Designer program, the intention is to present the audience with my experiences with the tree. With the height of the tripod, I was able to send the camera into the branches. By folding the whole 360 video into the space, we can see the whole 360 view which is already over our vision area. I try to embody an immersive experience in this way. 

接近,视频,11520×2160 pixels, 30fps, 2022, 1080p
Approaching, video, 11520×2160 pixels, 30fps, 2022, 1080p

在我的作品 Pulse 中,我使用 3D 扫描仪和手机扫描植物。结合四个季节拜访我的树时拍摄的视频,我企图表达树木中蕴含的能量,即它们自身的生命力和整个森林所蕴含的智慧。借助机器的视角,我们可以看到一个对我们来说“看不见”或“未修正”的世界。

In my 3 channel 4K video work Pulse, I scan plants with a 3D scanner and phone. Combined with videos recorded while visiting my tree in four seasons, I intend to express the energy contained within trees which is their own vitality and the wisdom contained in the entire forest. With the help of a machine’s perspective, we can see a world that is “invisible” or “uncorrected” to us.

脉搏,视频,11520×2160 pixels, 30fps, 2022, 1080p
Pulse, video, 11520×2160 pixels, 30fps, 2022, 1080p

朱鹤(Crane Zhu)是一位扩展媒体艺术家,1998 年出生于中国湖北。她从科学、哲学、建筑和生物学等学科汲取灵感。 她的艺术实践侧重于技术、自然与我们自己之间的关系,以及探索人类认知和体验的新可能性。 她的作品有很多类型,包括单通道视频、多通道视频、装置、互动视频、表演、XY 机器人绘图仪绘图、版画和摄影。
她于 2018 年获得加州州立大学圣马科斯分校和安徽大学的两个 BFA 学位。在2022年,她在阿尔弗雷德大学获得电子综合艺术硕士学位。
Crane Zhu is an expanded media artist who was born in Hubei, China in 1998. She draws from the disciplines of science, philosophy, architecture, and biology. Her art practices focus on the relationship between technology, nature and ourselves, and the exploration of new possibilities for human cognition and experience. Her work takes many pathways, which include single-channel video, multi-channel video, installations, interactive video, performance, XY robot plotter drawing, printmaking, and photography.
She received two BFA degrees from California State University San Marcos and Anhui University (China) in 2018. She also received her MFA degree in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University in 2022