Dobkin Elena

灵性动物-熊,丙烯、马克笔、画布,100 x 80cm, 2022
Spirit Animals. Bear, abstract, conceptual, modern, acrylic, marker, canvas, 100x80cm, 2022


To be an artist is to make sense of any touch of a palette knife/ brush to a canvas. Make it possible to live the moment depicted in the painting. There are beautiful things everywhere and always, and most importantly, it is hidden in simple things. In my opinion: easy about the main thing.

灵性动物-猫,丙烯、马克笔、画布,100 x 80cm, 2022
Spirit Animals. Cat., abstract, conceptual, modern, acrylic, marker, canvas, 100×80 cm., 2022

Dobkin Elena出生在乌克兰,家庭中洋溢着创造力的氛围,26岁开始努力追求艺术,进入艺术学校学习,作品多次得到展出。2018的画作被美国私人参加收藏。
ELENA DOBKIN Was born in Dnipro (Ukraine), where she grew up, studied, and dreamed. A creative atmosphere has always reigned in the family. But the parents were preparing their daughter for the more practical skills of the modern world. At the age of 26, Elena decided to change her life radically. In 2018 the artist studied in a private art school in the Dnipro Art-L;. And in 2020 received a diploma of completion of the course in Art & Fashion School Fantasy Room (Kyiv). Participant in group and personal art exhibitions. The first painting was created in August 2018. Mountain Sunset which was sent to a private collection in Arlington, USA.