By understanding the somatics of my body, it provoked my imagination by allowing me to paint metaphorically to express a connection between imagery and feeling. I have a consistent flow throughout my paintings that make me feel mesmerized and intrigued. Bringing to life our sensations, reactions, passions driven by heart and emotions; catch my audience’s attention through the color depth of my paintings which takes them on a journey of curiosity.

冰川波浪,丙烯浇注、树脂和密度板,104.14 x 121.92cm,2021

Glacial Waves, acrylic pouring, resin and MDF wood, 104.14 x 121.92cm, 2021

只是一丝想法,丙烯浇注、树脂和密度板,68.58 x 121.92cm,2022
Just a Thought, acrylic pouring, resin and MDF wood, 68.58 x 121.92cm, 2022
冥河,丙烯和颜料浇注、树脂和密度板,91.44 x 121.92cm,2021
Styx, acrylic and pigment pouring, resin and MDF wood, 91.44 x 121.92cm, 2021


I’m a self-taught artist from North Manchester that’s passionate about fulfilling creative visions. From a young age, I felt I was led to believe I can only make a career in the corporate world – and I’ve somewhat forced myself into that career for many years. However, thinking back to my childhood and how I would fill my bedroom with all my crazy paintings, it was inevitable that I would eventually wish to fulfil my dreams as an artist.