Lee Ellis

For me some of my greatest memories are the smallest details, the sound of my mother car, the smell of food at the Fair. I think many people have this same feeling, however the world constantly bombards us with an overload of things that seem great but upon closer look wasn’t what we thought at first.

Most Black Kings Create A Legacy, Collage, Post it note on canvas, 97x97cm, 2022

I attempt to bring this notion of “enjoying the little things” within my work. Embracing the power of the collective as one.

The New Normal, Collage, Post it note on canvas, 97x61cm, 2022

我是一位在法国生活的美国艺术家。起初画粉笔壁画,为户外艺术节和博物馆绘制大型作品。2020年起转向公共艺术成分更少的艺术创作,小幅作品很吸引我。居家隔离期间开始创作的系列作品中,我把几百张便利贴和个人手绘放在画布上。前往法国之前我在家乡克利夫兰参加了第一个群展,作品曾在Voyage Ohio和一本加拿大艺术杂志上发表。我希望和更多的人分享作品,让新环境影响我的创作。

I am an American Artist currently living in France. Started working primarily as a chalk muralist creating large scale works for outdoor festivals and museums. I transition to create a less public art practice around 2020 where I found myself drawn to smaller works. After being forced inside during Quarantine I started creating a series of works now where I put hundreds of post it notes with individual drawings on to a canvas. Having my first group show being in my hometown of Cleveland before I left for France and being published in Voyage Ohio and a Canadian contemporary art magazine, I’m excited to share my work with more people and letting my new environment shape my work.