Low Winter Sun

这些作品是用乔纳森·米勒(Jonathan Miller)的书《有问题的身体》创作的一部分雕刻作品。体现了艺术品在分析哲学方面的表演性作用,即艺术品的创作向艺术家揭示了自我哲学意义的存在价值。

The submitted works are part of a series of carvings of Jonathan Miller’s book, The Body in Question. The sculptures exemplify the performative role of artworks with respect to analytic philosophy—the act of their creation revealing to the artist the existential implications of, in this case, a philosophical account of the self.

《鲜血》图书雕塑、纸 38X26X3cm 2021
Blood, book sculpture, paper, 38 X 26 X 3 cm, 2021

《郊区》图书雕塑、纸 38X26X3cm 2021
The Suburbs, book sculpture, paper, 38X26X3cm, 2021

《年龄》图书雕塑、纸 38X26X3cm 2021
Age, book sculpture, paper, 38 X 26 X 3 cm, 2021


The project is ongoing and carving will reveal more stories hidden within The Body in Question, as there are identities hidden within us—the liberating act of book-carving revealing to us such possibilities.

丹·奥布莱恩博士和露西·鲁塞尔是艺术家团体Low Winter Sun的主要成员。Dan是英国牛津布鲁克斯大学的哲学读者,并且是意大利米兰维塔萨里特圣拉斐尔大学哲学客座教授。他是十多本书的作者和编辑,他的《知识论概论》(纯净度)已被翻译成韩语、阿拉伯语和葡萄牙语。他主要研究哲学和认识论的历史,也发表过卡拉瓦乔和立体主义的研究文章。露西是一名精神科联络护士。他们共同创作的艺术项目专注哲学与心理健康之间的交集。最新创作关注拾得物和拼贴,讲述了新冠居家隔离期间的情感历程:将绝望、疏远和爱的感觉投射到深夜探险收集的物品和荒芜的城市街道上。
Dr Dan O’Brien and Lucy Russell are the principal members of the artist collective Low Winter Sun. Dan is a Reader in philosophy at Oxford Brookes University, UK, and a visiting professor of philosophy at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy. He is the author and editor of over ten books, and his Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge (Polity) has been translated into Korean, Arabic and Portuguese. He works mainly on the history of philosophy and epistemology, but has also published on Caravaggio and cubism. Lucy is a psychiatric liaison nurse. Their joint art projects focus on the intersection between philosophy and mental health. Most recent is a series of found objects and assemblages that chart the emotional journey of covid-isolation—feelings of despair, alienation, and love projected onto objects gathered on late night expeditions into deserted city streets.