My photography is a ‘to be and to see’ organic process. There are many underrecognized women in silence which is one thing many women universally share. These images capture some of the hidden, silenced, single and isolated women as they go about their day or know how to manage their day with what they may have endured privately and not being able to reach out so easily.

我相信她说的,摄影,25x25cm, 2019
I believed her because she said, photography, 25x25cm, 2019
Identity, photography, 25x25cm, 2019
前进,摄影,25x25cm, 2021
Moving forward, photography, 25x25cm, 2021

Women need to back women more and not stay silent to fit into a pack but to stand up for what is right and reach out as one day it could be you ( the woman that stayed silent). Sometimes the universe sees and it comes back your way.

养育,摄影,25x25cm, 2021
nurture, photography, 25x25cm, 2021
Pandemic duo, photography, 25x25cm, 2021
Pandemic trio, photography, 25x25cm, 2021

I’m an emerging artist in photography and printmaking having exhibited in many cities and had a focus on supporting more women in social issues through creating awareness through my art.