Nero Cosmos


Today, the rapid growth of digitalization has caused a shift for machines to develop further than being a mere tool for humanity. My projects are the starting point of this narrative

Inner stimuli, hermetic and solipsistic, digital art, 2022
Rebirth, digital hypostasis, digital art, 2022
Swarm, collective intelligence, digital art, 2021
Aberration, time dilation, digital art, 2021


My Projects visually explore the allegorical future of a fabricated, human-made mind in the tangled depths of technology. The medium in which it is created, reflects the paradoxical nature of the present moment in the onset of an anticipated future.

Over-reliance, machine, tell me, is my life worth living?, video art, 4K, 2022
Ovarian, ghost in a shell, video art, 4K, 2021

Nero Cosmos一位生活在瑞士苏黎世的观念艺术家。他借助人工智能展开艺术实验,创作的图像和视频处于不断变化的状态中,运用技术和算法聚焦感知与转化这两大概念。他借助艺术作品,探讨人和机器的相互关系,探讨意识在数字空间内如何变迁、它如何影响日常生活,邀请观众通过机器的视角去看到世界。

Nero Cosmos is a conceptual artist based in Zurich, Switzerland. He experiments with artificial intelligence, creating images and videos that are in a constant state of metamorphosis, focusing on ideas of perception and transformation using machine learning techniques and algorithms. His work allows him to explore the reciprocal relationship between humans and machines, and how consciousness changes in the digital space and affects daily life, inviting the viewer to see the world through the eyes of a machine.