My field of interest as an artist is ecological issues, the preservation of human worth in the modern world, and mutual assistance between people.

Conveyor, video (the animation of physical artwork), high resolution video 2886×3852 px, 30fps, duration: 1 minute 11 seconds, 2022

According to my position as an environmentalist I minimize the waste of the creative process. All possible leftovers are transformed by me into components of new paintings. Including parts of microelectronics, which are difficult to recycle.

Eyes, video (the animation of physical artwork), high resolution video 2722* 2758 px, 30fps, duration of 19 seconds, 2022

Palirina 1982年生,目前在白俄罗斯明斯克工作生活。其作品采用拼贴、组合、综合媒介的手法探讨生态、新科技以及未来人类生活场所的问题。她是一位环保主义者。其作品曾在二十多场展览上展出,获得过三个国际奖项。

Irina Safronova, aka Palirina, was born in 1982. She lives and does creative work in Minsk, Belarus. Irina works in collage, assemblage and mixed media on such topics as ecology, the latest technology and man’s place in the future. She is an environmentalist. Took part in more than 20 international and national exhibitions, was awarded 3 prizes of international competitions.