Don’t Shut My Mouth, mixed media, 20x28cm, 2022

In the future world would be a cleaner and more natural place where the domestic and nature creations would mix up in unpredictable ways to stand up against the pain of the people and modern social life where any disease can spread all over the world with just one inaccurate flight.

The Natural Solution, mixed media, 20x28cm, 2022


Polina Abramova is a 25 years old mixed media artist known by pseudonym Pelulya has been creating art for 5 years. She was surrounded by a creative environment from her early childhood, her mother was a fashion designer, her father wrote poetry, her sister painted, she discovered that art was also close to her, but for a long time she could not find a direction to her liking. Polina studied ballet, painted pictures, then tried shooting in photography and stopped there. Photography fascinated her with a variety of visual techniques, the consumption of benefits and, of course, aesthetics.
She continues to incorporate new techniques into her projects, but something was missing… Pelulya began adding physical objects to her works. With the merging of digital and physical, Polina reached a new level, opening a whole new path for freedom and ingenuity. By mixing media like this it allows her to layer her works and more creatively express her thoughts and deepest emotions.
Each work uniquely evokes emotions not typically experienced in the day to day. They captivate the eye and make the viewer look at every little detail and angle of the artist’s world. Pelulya often prefers to use stencils and everyday objects in her works, but the most interesting inclusion is her personal presence in each work; not only mentally, but physically, which connects the viewer to the artist in a much more closer way.