Sanja Star

在虚空之间 001,实验视频/动态数码作品,1920 x 1080 pixels, 2021
In Between The Void 001, experimental video/moving digital artwork, 1920 X 1080 pixels, 2021

My passion for design, fashion, music, quantum physics, and my curiosity, took me on the path of ever evolving visual language. Once a senior graphic designer and art director, I started exploring other paths of visual expression because of the urge to put all my visual pieces together in one moving thing, preferably live, on the spot, in real time. My journey took me form my desk to the stage where I create improvised visual sets with
musicians thanks to new technology and my digital new media art exploration.

Quanta, experimental digital new media artwork, 2021

Sanja Star是一位新媒体艺术家,2015年开始在德国柏林生活工作,行为艺术的介入到她的创作中。她拥有美术和平面设计背景,并通过她的实践提供了对现实感知的反思——特别是在物理与深奥、人类与外星人、自我与他者以及时间观念之间的界限方面。她的作品是新媒体数字艺术和 3D 动画的现代有趣组合。通过有限但充满活力的调色板和迷人的图案,她探索并利用了我们对深度和运动的感知。她对艺术、音乐、量子物理学的热情和好奇心使她走上了不断发展的视觉语言之路。
Sanja Star is a new media artist based in Berlin since 2015, working at the intersection of performance, design and new media digital artwork. She has a background in fine arts and graphic design and through her practice offers reflections on the perception of reality – particularly in relation to the boundaries between physical and esoteric, human and alien, self and otherness and notions of time. Her work is a contemporary and playful mix of new media digital art and 3D animation. Through limited but vibrant color palettes and mesmerizing patterns, she explores and harnesses our perception of depth and movement. Her passion for art, music, quantum physics and her curiosity led her on the path of a constantly evolving visual language. She has performed at the 31st Zagreb Music Biennale, 6th Silk Road International Art Festival Xi’an China, CTM Vorspiel Festival, LPM Festival Italy, Porgy & Bess Austria, Multiversal Festival Berlin, Hošek Contemporary, Kunstfabrik Schlot (…) with contemporary musicians Rieko Okuda, Ute Wassermann, Grgur Savic, Dr. Richard Scott, Samuel Hall, Tomomi Adachi, Isabel Rößler, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Emilio Gordoa, Sem Forma Fabiola, Bojan Krhlanko, Chris Hill, Antti Virtaranta, Daniel Craig, Sofia Borges, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø and contemporary dancers Sveta Bird and Daniel Dragoescu. From 2015 she took part in numerous group exhibitions in Croatia, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. In 2019, she illustrated and produced a few hundred postcards every month – and distributed them all over Berlin, for her personal year-long project Berliner Postcards. Postcards were free for Berliners and tourists. She is part of audio-visual research and collaboration project Pitch Shifting Lab.