Sorabella J

虽然创作之旅始于时尚,但绘画是她学会敞开心扉探索自己女性心灵的地方。她只画球体和形状,塑造女性形象。曲线有一些如此迷人、感性和视觉上令人兴奋的东西 她对球体的痴迷可以从她的一幅名为《不完美》的作品中开始的。

Although her creative journey began with fashion, painting is where she learned to open up and explore her own feminine psyche. She only paints orbs and shapes making the female figure. There is something so alluring, sensual, and visually exciting about curved lines. Her obsession with orbs can be drawn from one of her pieces titled Imperfection.

不完美,布面丙烯,40 x 50cm, 2020
Imperfection, abstract, acrylic paint on canvas, 40 x 50cm, 2020
具象抽象,布面丙烯,91 x 122cm,2021
Figurative Abstract, acrylic paint on canvas, 91 x 122cm, 2021

Sorabella J 本名阿什莉,来自一个大家庭,在巴尔的摩贫穷地长大,家里有一个压力很大的单身母亲和其他 6 个兄弟姐妹,她经常被忽视和闻所未闻。小时候,阿什利没有声音,但她有过多的愤怒。她的父亲和祖母都有艺术背景,所以她的才华是与生俱来的。17 岁成为母亲后,阿什莉就读加州艺术学院的计划被取消,因为她无法将年幼的孩子留在母亲身边去学习。她开始在 BCCC 学习时装设计。在她在那里的那段时间里,她对素描时尚的热爱消失了,创作的自由被老师的要求所限制。她用一个学期从 BCCC 退学,直到获得学位。在为星巴克工作时,在她年轻的成年岁月里,愤怒和迷茫变得太多了。因此,她学习了佛教并开始获得按摩疗法的执照。在这种新发现的平静中,又是另一部电影激发了她的第一幅画作。不是原创的,但是挺好看的。当她意识到绘画可以抚慰她并允许她以比时尚更广泛的方式进行创作时,Ashley 认为这就是她的爱。现在,作为四个孩子的母亲,Ashley 目前是一名分娩和产后导师,帮助母亲安全分娩。无论生活将她带到哪里,无论获得什么新技能,阿什莉 永远是一名艺术家。
Ashley comes from a large family of matriarchs. Growing up poor in Baltimore, with a very stressed, single mother and 6 other siblings in the house, she often went unseen and unheard. As a child, Ashley had no voice, but she had a plethora of anger. Her father and grandmother have artistic backgrounds, so her talent is inherent. Becoming a mother at age 17, Ashley’s plans to attend The Art Institute of California were cancelled, as she could not fathom leaving her young child with her mother to go learn. She began studying Fashion Design at BCCC. During her time there, her love for sketching fashion died, The freedom to create was shunted by the teachers’ requirements. She dropped out of BCCC with one semester until her degree. While working for Starbucks, in her young adult years, the anger and confusion of direction became too much. So, she studied Buddhism and began her licensure of Massage Therapy. In this new-found calmness, it was yet another movie which inspired her first painting. It wasn’t original, but it was pretty. When she realized painting soothes her and allows her to create in broader ways than fashion, Ashley decided this was her love. Now, mother of four, Ashley is currently a Birth and Postpartum doula, helping mothers birth safely. No matter where life takes her, no matter what new skills obtained, Ashley will always be an Artist first.