山顶日出,布面水墨,50 x 120cm,2022
Sunrise at the Peak, ink on canvas, 50 x 120cm, 2022


Much like Armen Avanessian says, we are currently living in a world where past and present are colliding which makes the future unpredictable. Luckily, the beauty behind the unpredictable is that nothing is set in stone, thus allowing all possibilities to happen. This, in turn, gives artists, who are visionaries in their own way, a chance to utilize the many tools they have at their disposal to create untold stories. Most of this genius is achieved by thinking outside of the box with no boundaries and simply allowing the paint to touch the canvas. As mentioned, time is a fluid concept, rather than a static one, and as such, Yuho chooses to use ink as her primary medium for its fluid and transformative nature. She trusts it to guide her hand down a winding path, leading her to tell a story.

黄山的诗,布面水墨,120 x 50cm,2022
The poetry of Huangshan, ink on canvas, 120 x 50cm, 2022
露珠,布面水墨,120 x 50cm,2022
Dew Drop, ink on canvas, 120x50cm, 2022
能量,热情&爱,布面水墨,66 x 167.5cm, 2022
Energy, Passion & Love, ink on canvas, 66 x 167.5cm, 2022
峨眉,布面丙烯,102 x 216cm,2021
Emei, acrylic on canvas, 102x216cm, 2021
在我的奇迹天空,布面水墨,90 x70cm,2022
In My Miracle Sky, ink on canvas, 90x70cm, 2022


I’m an artist based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. While my work is best described as abstract, I primarily draw inspiration from the stars, constellations, and planets of our solar system, including the Earth’s beautiful natural resources. My choice of tools often involves working with ink and acrylic as both mediums flow graciously and lusciously, helping me achieve my vision. Additionally, coming from a jewelry background, which requires a great deal of imagination and creativity, I’ve been able to transfer those skills to my work as an artist. I have found it easier to visualize my painting’s setting, placement, color tones, and orientation before my paintbrush hits the canvas. After spending years designing jewelry pieces, I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to sparkle and sophistication. As such, when I paint, I look for bold colors to emit feelings of passion, freedom, and positive energy. To me, it’s most important to focus on formal color relationships and visual composition.